Postgraduate scholarship

Postgraduate scholarship

George Moore Scholars

The George Moore Scholarship programme supports academically talented students who wish to undertake postgraduate study in the USA, Canada or the UK. George Moore Scholars will be trailblazers in their specific discipline or boundary breakers, using an interdisciplinary lens to examine our great global challenges.


The Scholarship will cover most of the cost of higher education fees, research, travel, visa, health insurance and other living costs for successful applicants. Applicants will be required to provide a detailed annual budget with verifiable sources of cost estimates for each category of projected expenditure.


Applicants may apply for financial support to cover a Master's degree of one or two year's duration.

Closing dates

The closing date for completed applications is the 8th December 2021.

Geographical focus

The George Moore Scholars programme mainly supports applicants interested in studying in the USA, Canada, or the UK.

Higher Education institution

It is more important that applicants consider the excellence of the department or research centre they wish to undertake their Master's degree in, than the overall international ranking of the institution.


Employment and funding status

Applicants should intend to complete their entire Master's degree in the USA, or another country if that is their preference.

Applicants should expect to undertake their Master's degree study on a full-time basis in the host institution.

The host institution may offer matching funding, specifically allocated to the individual concerned.

Academic status

Applicants to the George Moore Scholars programme will normally have completed their primary degree in 2021 or expect to complete it in 2022. Most of the awards will be to 2021 and 2022 graduates.

Applicants to the Early Career Scholars programme may have completed their degree up to five years before making an application, provided they have been building work experience relevant to their chosen field of study. This may be a public or health policy field or a tech, environmental, financial, business or management field. Early Career Scholars will normally be applying for programmes that require professional experience in advance of applying to undertake the Master's degree.

Applicants must either hold a degree, or expect to graduate in 2022, from an Irish or Northern Irish higher education institution at the time of taking up the Scholarship.

Applicants are wholly responsible for securing a place on a Master's degree programme in a university outside of the island of Ireland. Evidence of acceptance on a programme abroad, or evidence that applications to institutions outside of Ireland, must be provided as part of the application. Scholarships will not be awarded until all documentation has been uploaded and submitted.

Applicants must provide a letter of offer on a Master's degree programme, including terms and conditions of the offer, from the host institution when they apply or as soon as it becomes available.

Applicants may submit only one application a year. Previously unsuccessful applicants may reapply.

Citizenship and residency status

Applicants will normally be Irish citizens, or UK citizens of Northern Ireland. Applicants will have completed most or all of their education on the island of Ireland. Applicants will have completed their primary degree on the island of Ireland.

Non-European Economic Area citizens resident in Ireland / Northern Ireland must have permanent leave to remain by the closing date for applications, 8th December 2021.

Fields of study

The objective is for George Moore Scholars to undertake a Master's degree in any disciplinary area during the tenure of the award. George Moore Scholars will be individuals who are judged to be likely to have a significant positive impact in a field that will add value to our society, economy and environment.

This is evaluated on the basis of academic achievement to date but also on the evidence of involvement in activities, whether paid, voluntary or community-based, that have contributed to your development as an individual and your understanding of the unique contribution you can make.

The George Moore Scholars programme will give particular consideration to applicants who reflect the following values:

  1. Distinctive intellectual curiosity focused on a specific global challenge
  2. A willingness to take appropriate risks in setting and pursuing educational objectives
  3. Originality in approach and ambition
  4. A willingness to transcend conventional disciplinary boundaries to address the identified challenge.


The George Moore Scholars awards are tenable for up to 12-24 months for prospective Master's students who wish to register in a university abroad for the entire duration of their degree.

Scholarships are non-renewable.

If you are completing your application and you run into any difficulties, please email: or phone Dr Cliona Hannon on 0834311447 for more information.